partner about his perspective and role towards the implementation process.

The meeting ended with concrete agenda for the project period.
The first GMES AND Africa took place in Libreville, GABON 19-23/11/2018. This conference marks a very important milestone for the GMES and AFRICA community. All project participants from all regions of Africa have gathered for this conference organized by the African Union GMES and Africa program.
The conference outlined GMES and Africa Thematic Services and Priorities for all current projects. Topics for African Environment,  Water and Natural Resources, Climate Change, Coastal Economy, Marine and Earth Sciences in relation to Earth Observation were actively presented and discussed.
NAfcoast is represented in the 1st GMES and Africa Forum by Prof. Islam Abou El-Magd from NARSS, Egypt; Prof. Kamal Labbassi from UCD, morocco and Eng. Ahmed Osman from Cartologic, Egypt

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