Stakeholder – outcomes of the project will directly go to the stakeholders to benefit from the information and either take actions dependent on wider scope, better understanding or focus on new guidelines and implementation plans.

Proposed stakeholder

· Fisheries

· Geohazard, coastal degradation

· Urban Planner

· Universities

· Etc.

The objective of is to identify and assess coastal ecosystem services and stakeholders in North Africa. this will include, but not limited to:

- Cartography of terrestrial and marine ecosystems (WP2 and WP3)

- Production of human and climatic pressure map

-Identification of services and benefits provided by ecosystems, such as food, materials, recreation, climate regulation, etc.

- Identify and monitor the spatio-temporal evolution of the different benefits provided by ecosystems

-Identify and estimate the decline in the productivity of the ecosystems due to the increasing human and climatic pressure

- Communication plan for the partners and the partners with the stakeholders

- Stakeholders engagement plan

- Awareness and knowledge plan for the stakeholders (sessions - Meetings)

- Discuss the APIs and tools to generate services to the stakeholder, beneficiaries and end users

NAfCOAST workshop-Tunisia_Αgenda