In integration with Academia and disseminating our information, NAFcoast project has participated in the 1st International Conference on Blue Economy held in Suez University, Egypt during 10-13 September, 2019 at Suez University, Egypt.

The project shared with 3 scientific papers and presentations on the outcomes of the project in this field, which are:

·       Mapping of Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea Near the Entrance of Suez Canal Using Sentinel-1 SAR Images

·       Mapping Environmental Indicators for Potential Fishing zones Using Earth Observation Satellites EO Operational Ocean Data Products and Services for Sustainable Blue Economy.

·       Developing a Geoportal for Services Providing about Coastal Ecosystems Mapping, Monitoring and Assessment of the North Africa Coastal Zone

Technical WS

Moreover the project provided half day hands on training workshop to students and academic staff on EO Operational Ocean Data Products and Services for Sustainable Blue Economy.

The objectives of the workshop

·       Access and download data and products used in operational oceanography

·       Understanding the theory behind detection of potential fishing zones

·       Compare between different satellite sensors (MODIS and Sentinel 3) for monitoring oceanography such as temperature and chlorophyll-a.

·       Understanding the key types of satellite measurements used to monitor the ocean.

Learning Outcomes

·       Ability to download oceanography such as temperature and chlorophyll-a

·       Introduce a wide range of data and products to improve marine analysis.

·       Awareness of data processing and file formats

·       Using ArcGIS and SNAP tool to access and visualize marine satellite data.

·       Knowledge of airborne and satellite data available for marine and coastal research